I grew up in Helsinki, Finland, in the 80's, and spent most of my childhood glued to the TV fascinated by the worlds and stories told in movies. As a teenager, in my rage against the world, I saw a documentary film and it struck me to the core. It correlated with my true feelings of the world and blew me away with its authenticity. Since then my passion has been on telling dramatic and cinematic real world stories, in both fiction and documentary.

Since 2009 I'm lucky to have made award winning documentaries, travel series with record-breaking audience ratings, campaign and branded content from all around the world as a director. I'm always looking for new projects, stories and scripts waiting to be told. Widely experienced with in-depth interviews, contact and communication, scripting and dramaturgy, international productions, humanitarian topics and leading international workshops. In addition to directing I served 2016-2018 as the artistic director of DocPoint Helsinki Documentary Film Festival and have spent the past few years studying different acting methods and new storytelling technologies. I spend my free time in nature and in and on oceans.

Working experience Finland, Spain, Japan, South Africa, Brazil, Unites States, Russia, China, Indonesia, Mexico, Senegal, Mali, Rwanda, Morocco and the Caribbean Islands. Travelled 53 countries.

Languages Finnish, English, Swedish, French

Collaborated with Grillifilms, Helsinki-filmi, Rabbit Films, Supercell, GimmeYaWallet Productions, Aito Media, Moskito Television, Warner Bros. Finland, Valve Media, Dynamo&Son, Monami Agency, Kirkkopalvelut, Sitra, Måndag, Kepa ry, Outlook Films, Not Guilty Productions, Oneworld Retreats, YLE TV1, YLE TV2, YLE TEEMA, ARTE, SVT, ZDF, NRK, Sub Tv, Nelonen, Ava, Metropolia.